Tigris – Central Bank of Nigeria

Short Description: Project Info:Seven floor office complex of the Central Bank of Nigeria located at Tigris area in Abuja, Nigeria.  Description: BMS equipment installed: 

Laiki Bank HQ

Short Description: Project Info:A modern building with open plan office areas. It was a challenge to control the HVAC system due to the building’s complexity. Indoor and outdoor lighting is also controlled from the BMS.  Description: The facility manager has the option of working with different modes of operation during day, night or holiday periods. […]

Bank of Cyprus HQ

Short Description: Project Info:Eight floor building with offices, including presentation rooms, money museum and cafeteria. The HVAC equipment as well as the space air conditioning VAV system is controlled from a single office using the InVue software.  Description: HVAC major equipment installed: BMS equipment installed: 

New Nicosia General Hospital

Short Description: Project Info:The biggest and most expensive project ever done in Cyprus at the time, occupying 102,000 m² with 10500 BMS points.  Description: This project was a great challenge for Comfort Reliance Group. Different types of installations from different manufacturers had to be connected and controlled from a single station. An open system was […]

Ministry Of Finance

Short Description: Project Info:A 20,000 m² Cyprus Government building of 2100 BMS points with offices and meeting rooms.  Description: The challenge was to control the HVAC in an energy efficient way, taking into account different occupancy schedules for different areas. The solution was to install MicroNet System with ArcNet communication, which provides for an instant […]

Supreme Court Of Cyprus

Short Description: Project Info:A rather modern complex building with offices, 10 small and 2 large court rooms, library and a general assembly meeting room.  Description: The challenge was to design, install and operate an open building management system (BMS) in order to control the HVAC without technical assistance. The use of the friendly MicroNet view […]

Larnaca Airport Control Tower

Short Description: Project Info:The Control Tower at the new Larnaca Airport, is a building with unique characteristics.  Description: Twelve floors in height with offices and a control room occupied 24 hours a day. A MicroNet System controls and monitors the HVAC System continuously. Local keypad displays are used in the control room for an independent […]

Hilton Park Hotel

Short Description: Project Info:A luxurious hotel in Nicosia. In order to control, keep comfort at high demand and keep energy consumption at low level, we used MicroNet and DMS Building Management System with MicroNet View Software.  Description: HVAC major equipment installed: BMS equipment installed:

Central Bank of Cyprus

Short Description: Project Info:Satchwell Sigma software with graphics integrated to Invensys Network 8000 was installed. All controls and software PCs were connected on a fast Ethernet backbone network.  Description: HVAC equipment installed: BMS equipment installed:

Piraeus Bank Cyprus

Short Description: Project info:The Building Management System has a major role in this modern office building located in the capital city center.  Description: To maintain a comfort environment controlling and monitoring of all HVAC and electromechanical equipment, providing management facilities, alarms, and reports for preventing maintenance. Total number of BMS I/O points, 1500. HVAC major […]