Larnaca Airport Control Tower


Larnaca Airport Control Tower

Short Description:

Project Info:
The Control Tower at the new Larnaca Airport, is a building with unique characteristics. 


Twelve floors in height with offices and a control room occupied 24 hours a day. A MicroNet System controls and monitors the HVAC System continuously. Local keypad displays are used in the control room for an independent display and setting of temperature to their desirable comfort level. 

HVAC equipment installed:

  • 4 – AHUs
  • 3 – Chillers
  • 4 – Boilers
  • 4 – Pumps
  • 180 – FCUs

BMS equipment installed:

  • 22 – MicroNet Controllers
  • MicroNet Interface Module
  • 2 – Local Control Display
  • MicroNet View Software 
  • Central Station (computer, printers)