Piraeus Bank Cyprus


Piraeus Bank Cyprus

Short Description:

Project info:
The Building Management System has a major role in this modern office building located in the capital city center. 


To maintain a comfort environment controlling and monitoring of all HVAC and electromechanical equipment, providing management facilities, alarms, and reports for preventing maintenance.

Total number of BMS I/O points, 1500.

HVAC major equipment installed:

  • 7 – AHUs
  • 2 – Chillers
  • 3 – Boilers
  • 125 – VAV Boxes

BMS equipment installed:

  • 3 – Distech Controlls Automation Server EC-BOS-6AX 
  • 55 – Distech Controlls Lonworks DDC controllers
  • 125 – Distech Controlls ECL-VAV Controllers
  • EC-NetAX Supervisor flexible graphical user interface