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Bank of Cyprus HQ
Short Description: Project Info:Eight floor building with offices, including presentation rooms, money museum and cafeteria. The HVAC equipment as well as the…
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Laiki Bank HQ
Short Description: Project Info:A modern building with open plan office areas. It was a challenge to control the HVAC system due to…
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Supreme Court Of Cyprus
Short Description: Project Info:A rather modern complex building with offices, 10 small and 2 large court rooms, library and a general assembly…
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Ministry Of Finance
Short Description: Project Info:A 20,000 m² Cyprus Government building of 2100 BMS points with offices and meeting rooms.  Description: The challenge was…
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Larnaca Airport Control Tower
Short Description: Project Info:The Control Tower at the new Larnaca Airport, is a building with unique characteristics.  Description: Twelve floors in height…
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Hilton Park Hotel
Short Description: Project Info:A luxurious hotel in Nicosia. In order to control, keep comfort at high demand and keep energy consumption at…
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Central Bank of Cyprus
Short Description: Project Info:Satchwell Sigma software with graphics integrated to Invensys Network 8000 was installed. All controls and software PCs were connected…
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Piraeus Bank Cyprus
Short Description: Project info:The Building Management System has a major role in this modern office building located in the capital city center. …
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Arataeio Private Hospital
Short Description: Project info:Comprised of 6 floors covering a total area of 12000m2, providing 70 patient beds, 4 operating theatres and offering…
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