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Integrated Solutions for Home Automation

Reliance Group offers a completely integrated automation home system that is core to your home’s comfort requirements and cost reduction targets. Our innovative technologies provide a unified solution for house facilities controlling Heating and Cooling, Lighting, Curtains, Blinds, CCTV, Security System, Gates, Access Control, Irrigation System… you name it. 
Control your lights, curtains, AC, lock the door, and arm your security system just with one move of your finger, any time, from anywhere; from your smart phone, tablet, and personal computer. 
Wireless System is also available for existing installations.

Lighting Control - Elegance & Ambience

Add a touch of elegance and luminance inside your home and out in the yard. Turn on/off, dim and create scenes based on your needs. Uses motion sensor to automatically turn off the lights when are not needed and luminosity sensor to dim the lights based on the room luminance. The simplest way to reduce the amount of energy consumed by lighting system! Increase safety by making the house look occupied when you are travelling.

Environmental Control - Heating / Cooling / Ventilation

Enjoy the ultimate comfort of your home by controlling the air quality, heating and cooling temperature. Set specific temperatures on each room and keep all family happy. Create schedules based on your needs, and have your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer prior to your arrival..

Personalized Comfort - Room Devices & Mobile App

A broad array of room devices suitable for a wide range of environments and applications: remote controls, discrete sensors, communicating sensors with LCD colour touch screen and more… Occupants can adjust their own comfort parameters and preferences.
Mobile App: Room settings remain accessible at all times from a mobile device allowing occupants to easily set and control all room and comfort parameters!

Blinds Control - Intelligence & Security

Let your imagination free…easily control your blinds and curtains with a touch of your fingertip. Save energy and reduce your costs by setting the blinds to be automatically adjusted depending on daytime and weather conditions. Provide additional security to your home by setting blinds to automatically close during night.

Security & Safety - Peace Of Mind

Ensure a secure home for your family by integrating lights, motion sensors, smoke sensors, locks, cameras and video recording with your Reliance control system. Set lights to be automatically turned on and off when you are not home, receive notifications and alarms at your smart phone, arm the security system and lock the doors, from anywhere..

Customization - To your Needs & Lifestyle

Whether is a new or an existing home Reliance Automation Home Solutions can be customized to meet your needs and lifestyle. Control everything in your home, from the lights, to your pool, spa, gates, AC, security, irrigation, water and fuel tanks levels. Just name it and we will deliver it for you.