Distric Cooling Control – Gulf Hotel Bahrain


Distric Cooling Control – Gulf Hotel Bahrain

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District Cooling System Control – Gulf Hotels Group Bahrain

The district cooling system is located in and around the premises of the Gulf Hotel Complex in Juffair area of Bahrain. 


The Complex is an existing private commercial facility, providing high quality residential, commercial and hotel accommodation, as well retail shops, restaurants, conference facilities, spa, laundry, recreation and car park areas.

The system comprises of both water and air cooled chillers (the latter providing only standby capacity). Each chiller in the District Cooling system facilitates its own duty and stand-by constant speed primary pumps. Chilled water supply is then transferred to a common manifold (with a by-pass to ensure minimum flow through the operational chiller) and through variable flow secondary pumps is distributed to the plate heat exchangers of the primary circuits in all building plant rooms. Water cooled centrifugal chillers are connected to cooling towers equipped with variable speed cooling water pumps and variable speed tower fans to ensure optimum operation as well as energy efficiency.

The District Cooling system is connected to the BMS whose task is to monitor the performance of the system, adapt it to ambient conditions and cooling load variations throughout the day and the season and record all operational parameters, including energy demand, flows through various components, temperatures, pressures, etc.

District Cooling major equipment installed:

  • 4 – Water-cooled Chillers
  • 3 – Air-cooled standby Chillers
  • 6 – Cooling Towers
  • 14 – Heat Exchangers

BMS equipment installed:

  • 7 –  Automation Server EC-BOS-6AX
  • 19 – BACnet DDC controllers
  • Precise Ultrasonic Flow/Energy Meters
  • Various Temperature and Pressure sensors
  • 2-Way and 3-Way Valve Actuators
  • EC-NetAX Supervisor flexible graphical user interface

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