Computerized Maintenance Management System

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Computerized Maintenance Management System

Our Computerised Maintenance Management System is a useful tool for every maintenance team or maintenance manager. CMMS are designed to make maintenance teams more effective and keep their managers more informed. Whether a maintenance task is performed from an external company or an internal maintenance team, the CMMS can help the manager take more informed decisions, plan ahead, and keep track of maintenance cost of tasks or equipment.

Customer Benefits

Preventive Maintenance Scheduler – plan your preventive maintenance, and be notified in advance for each task, what materials will be needed, who will perform it, and track its annual cost.

Corrective Maintenance Tracker – keep track of the unexpected malfunctions in various equipment, track defects of certain equipment and if they are worth replacing.

Inventory Management – keep track of your storerooms and spare parts, be prepared for your preventive or corrective maintenance.

Maintenance Notifications – automatically get notified in advance for upcoming maintenance schedules or automatically notify the maintenance team by email or sms.

Reports – print or email reports of maintenance summary, cost analysis, statements, history records and more.