building management system
Building Management System
Our state of the art Building Management System can provide the customer absolute control over mechanical and electrical services, achieving the preferred environmental conditions and energy management.
home automation
Home Automation
Reliance Group offers a completely integrated automation home system that is core to your home’s comfort requirements and cost reduction targets. 
lighting and control
Lighting and Blinds Automation Control
Reliance Group is ready to provide the customer with full control over the visual comfort and energy savings in any kind of building.
billing system
Billing System
Reliance Group is offering versatile Billing Systems that can be suited to the customer needs for an easy bill voucher generation.
computerized maintenance management system
Computerized Maintenance Management System
Our Computerised Maintenance Management System is a useful tool for every maintenance team or maintenance manager.
security cctv and access control
Security, CCTV and Access Control
Reliance group offers advance Security, CCTV and Access Control systems for any kind of building that can be integrated with other building management systems and can be accessed remotely from any device.
fire alarm system
Fire Alarm System
Reliance Group can help protect your building personnel and assets with intelligent and modern Fire Alarm Systems. 
While energy consumption and cost management have become very important factors in every business or household, Reliance Group offers a variety of metering and data collection systems.
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